A fan struck Kyler Murray in the face after Sunday’s overtime win

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After the Cardinals managed to reverse a 20-0 deficit and beat the Raiders in overtime, Arizona quarterback Kyler Murray had a moment to remember.

Via the Associated Press, someone at the game struck Murray in the face.

A Las Vegas police spokesman confirmed to the AP that a battery complaint was made after the game. Murray wasn’t named as the complaining party, but the allegation was that “a spectator at the stadium struck a professional football player.”

An investigation is ongoing. Here’s a video of a portion of the incident. Here’s another angle of it.

Murray was celebrating with fans after cornerback Byron Murphy returned a fumble for the game-winning touchdown. That’s when one of the fans hit Murray.

Good for Murray to follow the proper channels, and to do something about it. The fan crossed the line. Murray exercised restraint in the moment. The fan should face all appropriate consequences.


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