Acero’s WWE RAW Review 9.19.22

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Shoutout to the only Buffalo Bill Fan I know Harry Broadhurst who’s gotta decide whether he watches them or another fabulous edition of RAW!

It’s Monday…you know what that means.

RAW startin off with the fire, cuz here is Seth Rollins to BURN IT DOWN!

Ew, that was horrible…

Anyway, out comes Rollin, and he’s in action to start off RAW.

Match 1: United States Championship
Seth Rollins vs Bobby Lashley

LOCKUP and Lashley shoves Seth down with ease. Seth with the go behind into a side headlock. Lashley lifts Seth and tosses him away, again with ease. Fingers locked, Seth kicks, side headlock again, and Lashley lifts again, this time slamming Seth down instead of tossing him away. Seth mushes Lashley then runs out of the ring. Lashley follows, Seth back in, kicks Lashley on the outside, goes for a suicide dive, but Lashley stuffs him and gets a fireman’s. He tries to post him, Seth slinks off his shoulders and shoves Lashley into the post. Seth sends Lashley into the ring, Seth springboards, Lashley tries for The Hurt Lock, Seth hits the corner, Superkick! Another! Seth hits the ropes, tries for the stomp, but Lashley keeps his arms locked and the stomp doesn’t happen! NICE!

Lashley up, hits a clothesline to Seth! He leaves the ring. Lashley follows and trucks Seth better than Braun ever did.

WE ARE BACK FROM BREAK and Seth drops Lashley’s right arm on the top of the rope. Springboard knee to the face. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Seth with a headbutt to the right arm, seth swings Lashley down on his back, drops a leg on the arm, and pulls back on it with a lock. Rollins getting a hell of a face reaction. Lashley turns Seth to his back, lifts him with one arm and slams him down hard. Seth sends Lashley to the outside, hits the ropes, suicide dive! Seth grabs Lashley, Lashley reverses and sends Seth into the ringpost from his shoulders!

BACK AGAIN and Lashley is hittin Seth with a bunch ofclotheslines in the corner, then a bunch of back elbows, much to the chagrin of Andrade.Lashley with a clothesline off the ropes, kick to Seth, locks the hips, gutwrench into a slam off the shoulders. Lashley awaits in the corner. Seth pulls himself up. Lashley rushes…KNEE FROM SETH!! He spins, FLATLINER TO SETH THO!! Cover for 1..2….NO!!!! Seth is on the apron, Lashley pulls him up from inside the ring. Seth hangs the right arm up again. Seth to the top rope. Lashley with a right to the dome. He climbs up, attacks the back, Superplex attempt, but Seth escapes and rakes the eyes. Seth slinks down, has Lashley on his shoulders. BUCKLE BOMB! Seth to the top rope! Frog Splash! Cover! 1..2…..NO!!!! CROSSFACE FROM SETH! Lashley grabs the fingers and breaks the hold, so Seth releases and drops some elbows to the dome. Seth up, tries for a Pedigree, Lashley sends him over his head, Seth with a sunset flip attempt, Lashley sits down for a pin. Gets a 1…2…NO!!! Running powerslam from Lashley! Lashley in the corner, he runs for a Spear, but Seth catches him with a PEDIGREE MIDAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!

Seth drags Lashley towards the corner as the crowd sings his song. Seth to the top rope. He hits tries for a Pheonix Splash, lands on his feet, turns, goes for a stomp, Lashley pops up. HURT LOCK!!!!! Seth reaches for the ropes! Lashley tries to pull him towards the center. Seth fades, gets up, pushes back, gets flipped back into a pin for 1..2..NO!!! Hurt Lock still in! Ref is down! KICK TO THE GROIN FROM SETH!!! Ref is up! He turns to see Seth favoring his head. He is in the corner,

MATT RIDDLE’s music hits!!! He uns down to distract, Seth turns, SPEAR FROM LASHLEY!!!

Winner: Bobby Lashley
A GREAT match with some spots that were sick as fuck and also not contrived. Solid action that kept me glued. I don’t like distraction ending, but this seems to be leading to a potential triple threat, so it’s not all bad.
Total Rating: ****
Match Time: 20:09

Last week, Damage Control gained the Tag Team Titles when Kai hit that inverted codebreaker backstabber upside down triple beam knee to the back move that totally should have a name.

They arrived earlier in a limo.

After a break, Damage Control comes out in a golf cart type vehicle and an assload of pyro.

Also, I’m aware it’s CTRL. I don’t care.

DING DONG! Yes, our Bay Area hero is here. She wanted to do a little homecoming celebration together. She isn’t talking about the crowd, though, she is talking about she and her crew. BOOS to them, and Bayley says they are in the presence of champions since the Sharks cannot get it done.

Iyo thanks Bayley, Bayley says she thanks them for believing in her vision.

Kai says they needed each other. This division needed them. But who they don’t need? Asuka, Bliss, and Belair. Don’t need em. Sure, they used to be in ontrol, but now they are in control of nothing. Asuka was once a fearless warrior, Alexa walks around like she got a lobotomy, and for 300+ day, Belair has been phoning it in because she forgot what it’s like to be pinned until Bayley beat her. Now, there is nothing left for them three to do but go home.

Here comes Belair, and alongside her is Alexa and Asuka.

Belair says they were not intended on crashing the party, but then they had to go and run their mouths again. Belair cant just keep letting them disrespect like that. So now, they’ll have to teach them some respect.

Bayley yells at them as they hop up on the apron. This is why the divison spiraled out of control, Belair is too impulsive. Belair needs to see the long game, the big picture. The next time they fight is when Bayley decides she wants her title, and that’s not right now. Belair has enough accessories, so why is Alexa and Asuka here?

Alexa says keep talking, and Asuka and Belair will become accessories to do what she does to them.

Bayley says Alexa used to be a biter, but that was back in the day. Alexa is merely a shell of the old Alexa.

Alexa says how bout tonight, Bayley vs Alexa?

Bliss with a right hand, and the heels leave the ring.

Theory comes out for his match when we return. When Owens makes his entrance, Theory sends him flying off the apron before he can enter. Owens smacks his head on the barricade, then stands up pissed and rolls into the ring.

Owens asks for the bell and here…we…goooo

Match 2: Kevin Owens vs Austin Theory

Kevin shoots the legs, but Theory gets him cornered and stomps him away. Knee to the face until the ref holds him back. Right hand from Theory. Whip to the ropes, reversed, back elbow from KO. Running senton. Kevin up in th corner, running canno—noooo Theory rolls to the outside. Owens follows and Theory sends him into the barricade back first. He then sends owens head into the announce table. Right hand from Owens. Sends Theory face first into the steps, then the announce table. Theory drapes KO over the apron and drops an elbow to his chest.

We are back and Theory whips Owens hard into the corner, causing him to flip upside down to the mat. Theory with a chin lock from behind. Owens tries to spin into it, but Theory drops him down hard on his head and covers for 1…NO!!! Side headlock again, and Owens keeps his shoulder up, reaching for the sky. Owens turns, hits a stunning DDT to the mat! Owens with a superkick out of the corner! He heads to the top rope! Owens flies off! SENTON! Cover! 1…2…NO!!! Owens to the top rope again, Theory clips the legs, Owens with a right, Theory fights back, they fight at the top rope, back and forth. Owens with a right hand to the face. Theory with a right! KO locks the head. Punches to the side from Theory! Owens tries for the super cool suplex, but Owens cant quite get it. Headbutts from Owens as he says he is Theory’s daddy. Chop to the chest, Owens hops up, spins, moonsault!!!! Nobody home! Standing blockbuster from Theory! Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Fisherman’s neckbreaker! Cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Theory tries again for 1..2… NO!!!! Another pin gets 1..2…NO!!!

Theory looks to grab the briefcase, but

Gargano is here!!! He grabs the briefcase! Theory sees! Owens in the ring! POPUP POWERBOMB! Cover for 1..2….3!!!

Winner: Kevin Owens
A hell of a lot of action here, particularly the last half. Another distraction finish kinda makes me ew, but I’ll be damned if they don’t at least give reason for it.
Total Rating: ***1/2
Match Time: 13:09

Recap of Logan Paul challenging Roman Reigns when we return.

Afterwards, Butch and Ridge are here. Butch grabs a mic, says it’s fight night, and we better get used to seeing them because they will become the new Undisputed Tag Team Champions. That match will be this Friday. Ridge doesn’t care if it’s Monday or Friday, but he is cut short as The Street Profits’ music hits.

Ya boys are here, and they take some offense towards what the Brutes said. Dawkins congratulates them on their win. Ford introduces themselves. Butch goes buckwild, The Street Profits want the smoke, and here…we…goo!

Match 3: The Street Profits vs The Brawling Brutes

Dawkins and Ridge to start. Ride pinches the shoulders, pulls back on the nose, drops an elbow, then gets shot to the ropes. Shoulder tackle and Dawkins goes down. Whip to Dawkins who hops over, hits the roeps, shoulder tackle, Ride backs to the ropes, leap frog from Dawkins, flip onto his feet, dropkick. Tag to Ford, crossbody. Cover for 1..2NO!!! Chop to the chest. Right hand from Ridge. Tag to Dunne. Or Butch. Or whoever. Yeah, Butch. Ford with a surprise slap to the face. Butch rushes, steps over, catches a foot, whip to Butch, kicks out of the corner, whip to Ford into the corner, who hops over, dropkick from Ford!

Butch gets a tag to Ridge, kick from Ford, another kick, Ridge rushes, Ford ducks under, but Ridge hits a clothesline. Tag to Butch. He drops some knees ot the chest. Dropkick to Dawkins, then a dropkick to the face. Tag to Ridge, Ford on the apron, Butch pulls him through the ropes, and they double chop him across the chest. Ridge locks the head, tries for a supelx into the ring, hits it. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Right hand to the face. Tag to Butch. They trap Ford on the ropes and attack the chest ala Sheamus. Nice. Huge right to the back of the head!

We are back, tag to Dawkins. Tag to Ridge. Butch in, Dawkins punches him in the face, blind tag form Butch. Dawkins whips, hops over Ridge, and Butch kicks him in the jaw! Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Ridge and Butch double team him. Cover for 1..2.NO!!! Ridge lifts Dawkins on his shoulders, Dawkins slips down, send Ridge to the ropes, clothesline from both men. Tag to Butch. He lifts Dawkins and locks a triangle in quickly. Dawkins lifts Butch and backs into a pun from Ford. Dawkins flips him forward and Ford hits a Blockbuster off the top rope! Cover for 1…..2…NO!!! Ridge there to stop the pin! Ford locks up from behind, Butch reverses, tries for a German. Switch up, German, Butch lands on his feet, kicks Ford, Ford got a tag! Dawkins with a belly to belly! Tag to Ridge, shoulder tackle, Dawkins hits the ropes and gets a tackle of his own. Tag to Ford. Ford hits the ropes, dives over the top rope onto both men on. The outside!!! He grabs Ridge, sends him inside, heads to tag in Dawkins, who lifts Ridge on his shoulders. Ford to the top rope. Butch is there to stop Ford! Ridge slips off the shoulders, Butch rops the fingers apart of Ford.

Ridge chops, tags in Butch. Ridge body slams after a kick to the head. Cover for 1..2..3!!!

Winners: The Brawling Brutes
They needed this win, but didn’t gain it easily. It’s nice to see these guys, as it’s really hard for me to watch Friday night with any intense attention. Sure, it’s on at the bar, but since it’s a Friday, I can’t keep my eyes glued. I love the little nods to Sheamus they do. Solid affair.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 14:28

Backstage, Johnny Gargano is walking backstage. He is stopped by Alpha Academy. Gable says he cost Theory the match, and this doesn’t bode well with him. He wants to give Gargano a free lesson; he just made the biggest mistake of Gargano’s career, because Theory has strength in numbers.

KO walks by and wonders if there is a problem here. Gable says yeah he does have a problem, but it’s with Johnny. KO says no, if there’s a problem with Johnny, then there is a problem with KO. Gable wants a match between them four. Next week, KO and Johnny vs Alpha Academy. KO says that works out great.

The Judgment Day come out, including Dominik. Rhea whispers something in Dom’s ear.

Judgment cuts a promo that says absolutely nothing. When Dom gets the mic, the crowd boos the hell out of him, so I guess maybe they’re onto something?

Priest, Ripley, and Balor all ask for respect, but the crowd don’t want it. Lol. He is proud to stand alongside his real family.

Finn wants to take a family photo. A ringside photographer obliges.

Match 4: Damien Priest and Finn Balor vs Rey Mysterio and Matt Riddle

Match is already going down when we come back, and Priest is sending Riddle into the corner the hard way. We get a tag to Finn, and Riddle drops Rey onto him. Cover from Rey. 1..2…NO!!! Rey punches a few times, whips to the ropes, Rey kicks the chest, Finn grabs him and Ray hits a Rana. Tag to Priest. He misses a clothesline and Rey kicks the quad, ight hand, ducks under, catches Rey, Priest lifts him, Rey slips off, hits the ropes, clothesline from Priest drops Rey hard. Priest with a back elbow in the corner. Tag to Finn and he stomps the chest with a boot. Cover for 1…NO!!! Finn chokes up Rey on the middle rope as Dom stares on. Snapmare to Rey, kick to the back, cover for 1….NO!!!! Chinlock from above. Finn drops Rey on the mat, covers fo 1..2..NO!!!! Tag to priest. He dorps Rey on the top buckle face first then covers for 1..2.NO!!! Tag from Finn. Finn with another snapmare int oa chinlock. Finn locks the head. Suplex! He holds on! Three Amigos from Finn!? He goes for the third, shimmies like Eddie, but Rey hits the third! Enziguri from Rey. Tag to Riddle. Riddle locks up behind, ripcord knee, kip up, Priest tries for a clothesli ne, but a pele kick from Riddle sends him it the corenr .Right hand to Finn, right to Priest, T-Bone Suplex to Finn! He goes for a punc in the corner, Priest tries for a kick, Riddle side steps! GERMAN!!! Broton to FinN! Kick to Finn! Cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Finn gets a tag. Priest with a right to Riddle!!!! Riddle slips to the apron, he hits a right. Kick to Finn. Riddle springboard, but Priest catches him. CHOKESLAM ON THE APRON!!!!

We are back and Rhea just drops Riddle with a back suplex on the outside!! She sends him into the ring. Finn and Priest double team Riddle then cover for 1..2..NO!!!!! Priest pulls back the arms of Riddle in a submission. Riddle stands up out of it, but Priest attacks the back and tags in Finn. Finn tags in Priest, Priest enters and punches Riddle in the chest. Riddle clocks Priest, hits a Go2Sleep! Priest knocks the fuck out but Riddle drops, too! Tag to Rey! Tag to Finn! Sunset Flip! High kick! Rey to the top rope! Seated Senton! Kick to Priest on the outside! Finn hits a high knee! Right hand from Finn. Whip to Rey. Misses a clothesline, Rey with a crossbody, cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Rey with a right hand! He stands mounting, hits some right hands, staring at his son. Finn uses the distraction to trip Rey up and drop him. Finn lifts Rey, Rey drops, kicks the head, wheelarrorw into a roll through. Rey calls for 619, but Priest pulls him out of the ring. Riddle to the apron, running kick. Floating Bro off the apron onto Priest. Rey with a rana in the ring! 619 to Finn!!!! Rey to the top rope! Rhea on the apron, she tries to enter the ring.

Seth Rollins is here!! He attacks Riddle! He grabs a chair, Rey grabs the chair from him and chases him into the crowd. Rey checks on Riddle. Dom walks up to him. Dom offers his cheek for a chair shot. Dom even gets down to his knees, asking to get hit. Rey considers it, then drops the chair and hops on the apron. Into the ring. Slingblade.

Tag to Priest. GOOZLE!!! CHOKESLAM to Rey! Tag to Finn. Coup De Grace! Cover for 1..2…..3!!!

Winners: The Judgment Day
I wanna say that with all the moving parts, this wasn’t bad, but this is one of those rare occasions where I feel like the damage may actually be irreparable, as I simply don’t care about The Judgmen Day as a faction, particularly in this never ending feud with Rey. Action wise, when Riddle was in the ring, everyone moved faster. The final moments mattered the most, as a bulk of the first half was rest holds from Finn and getting Rey out of the ring.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 16:09

Recap of Miz leaving his kids for a night on the town and allowing Dexter enough time to draw an entire portrait of Miz and Maryse.

WE ARE BACK and Miz is PISSED. He says just two days ago, he was celebrating his daughter’s 3rd birthday. It was minion themed, and he couldn’t help but assume Dexter was one of those minions. He ended up punching one of them, and all the kids screamed “You hurt Stuart!” Miz wants to know why. Why Miz? Why him? He wants Dexter to come out now, face to face.

Miz waits. Ciampa stares at the ramp as Miz says of course, this is what he thought. This is the platform, right?

We see a knife cutting through the ring behind Miz. Miz says Dexter is not a mad man, he’s a weak-minded sociopath and the next time he sees Dexter, he’s going to kick his ass.

Miz turns, Dexter pokes the top half of his body out, and pulls Miz down. Ciampa is here to help Miz. Dexter then grabs Ciampa and pulls HIM down. Ciampa clocks him over the head with a mic. Miz looks into the hole, and Dexter pops his head back out, eyes unblinking, piercing. Lol.

Backstage, Dom talks about hearing the stories, and wants to go out and celebrate with Priest. Well I’ll be…

Priest vs Riddle is set for next week.

They walk away, but Finn holds them back, says he wants to handle something alone. AJ Styles is on the phone backstage! Finn walks up, wonders if AJ is trying to avoid him. AJ says they haven’t spoken since he joined Judgment Day, but no they’ve talked.

Finn says he never turned his back on AJ. He has always had AJ’s back. AJ says yeah, true, so what happens? AJ joins Judgment Day and turns his back on people he loves? He wants no part. Finn says AJ knows him. He’s looking for his friend, and it looks like AJ is looking for a fight. Is he? OF course he ain’t. Finn hugs AJ, tells him the offer still stands, then does the TOO SWEET gesture.

Bliss video package before the main event.

Match 5: Bayley vs Alexa Bliss

We come to the match already in progess. Bayley is attacking the back of Alexa before hitting her with a right hand. Bayley drops an elbow to the left arm, and that appears to be her focus as she pulls it behind Bliss. Whip to the ropes, arm drag and a cover by Bayley for 1..2..NO!!!! Bayley pushes Bliss’ neck on the ropes, Ref holds her back and Dakota taunts Bliss. BAYLEY SUCKS chant. Bliss with rights, Bayley hits a knee. Cravat from behind. Bliss turns into the hold and gets a jawbreaker. Rana from Bliss and she drops knees on the back of Bayley. Bliss steps on the back of Bayley and stomps her head in a few times. Bliss whips Bayley, reversed, Bliss holds on in the ropes, so Bayley kicks her. Bayley grabs Alexa,p ulls her through the ropes, and tries for a neckbreaker. Alexa shoots her forward, slides undre the ropes, tries or a sunset flip, but Bayley drops to a knee, heads outside, and drops Bliss’s knee onto the edge of the apron. Bayley clotheslines the back of the head. Cover for 1..2..NO!!!!

Bliss is on the outside, favoring the knee. Bayley follows. She sends the left arm into the announce table then rips the top off. Sky and Kai cheer Bayley on nearby. Bayley drops Bliss on the table, hits a righ hand, but Bliss kicks Bayley away. Bliss stands on the table and front flips onto Bayley!

WE are BACK from Break and Bayley is working the knee of Bliss. Bliss tries to stay off her shoulders. She fights away with a few right hands, finally creating separation. Bayley corners Bliss in the corner, elbow from Bliss. Kick from Bliss. Bliss ot the top rope. Right hand, another, Bliss flies with a Thesz Press off the 2nd rope and a beatdown to follow. Bliss stands, kicks Bliss in the knee, knee to the face, dropkick to Bayley. Bayley kicks, Bliss catches her, hits some knees to Bayley, then front flips onto Bayley and a cover for 1..2.NO!!! Bayley shots Bliss to the ropes, Bliss sits on the 2nd rope then slingshots herself into Bayley with a crossbody and a pin for 1..2..NO!!! They trade pins back and forth a few times, until Alexa kicks Bayley into the corner. Bayley catches her, tries for a Bayley to Belly! Bliss turns this into a rollup for 1..2..NO!!!! Kick from Bayley. BAYLEY TO BELYY! COVER! 1…..2…..NO!!!!! Bliss out of the corner with a surprise Code Red! Cover for 1..2…NO!!!! Bliss walks up the corner, tries for a DDT, knee gives out, Bayley covers, feet on the roeps, gets 1..2…NO!! Belair there to get her feet off the ropes!

Kai and Sky shove Belair into the ringpost so Asuka backfists Dakota! Asuka tries for a hip attack, but Dakota moves and Asuka hits the ring steps!

IN the ring, DDT from Bliss drops Bayley hard! Bliss sets Bayley up for Twisted Bliss.

Bliss to the top rope. Dakota on the apron. Sky shoves Bliss off the top rope. Bayley grabs her. Rose Plant! Cover for 1..2…3!!!!

Winner: Bayley
We could possibly chock up Alexa’s performance to the story commentary was trying to tell: that she has lost a few steps and is unsure of who she is right now, leading to a more finite character. Still, it’s (maybe) because of this that we got just an ok match. Either way, we’ve got something here.
Total Rating: **1/2
Match Time: 14:33 Shown

Damage Control attacks after the match!

Asuka runs in and she gets taken down for her troubles. WE get an assisted moonsault from Sky to Asuka.

IN comes Belair to give a ring to Kai, clothesline for Bayley. She lifts Bayley, looking to Glam Slam her but Kai and Sky attack with stomps! Bayley is up. Bianca is held by either arm. Bayley with a right hand. Rose Plant to Bianca!

Bayley grabs the mic, says she is in control and she gets what sshe wants, when she wants it, and she wants the title at Extreme Rules.

End Show


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