BCP Council borrows a tiny Citroen Ami all-electric car

BCP COUNCIL has borrowed a small French car as part of its “ongoing exploration” of electric vehicle options. 

The car, a Citroen Ami, is all-electric and is being trialed by BCP Council as part of its commitment to drive down fleet carbon emissions. 

Resident Gavin Wright, who spotted the Ami in Sterte Green play area in Poole, said the idea for the council to have an electric microcar was “brilliant”, adding: “It’s a great way to reduce costs and promote sustainability.”  

A spokesperson for BCP Council said: “We took delivery of a Citroen Ami demonstration vehicle on September 12, this is part of our ongoing exploration of electric vehicle options. 

The Ami produces just 8bhp. Image from Wiki

“We have made the vehicle available for various teams to try out before its return to the dealership on Friday.” 

The Citroen Ami is technically not a car – it was designed as a quadricycle, meaning it bypasses a host of regulations thus making it cheap. 

Weighing in at 458kg, the Ami has a top speed of less than 30mph and has a battery range of up to 47 miles. 

It produces just 8bhp and from a 6kW motor and 5.5kWh battery pack. 

Anybody over the age of 16 can drive an Ami without a driving licence as long as fast A-roads and motorways are avoided. 

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A BCP Council spokesperson added: “The Citroen Ami is the most recent offer of demonstration that BCP fleet team have accepted and forms part of our wider commitment to drive down fleet carbon emissions. 

“The Ami is the only electric vehicle we are currently trialling, however previous demonstrations have over recent years led to the integration of 30 electric vehicles of various makes and models that have replaced diesel variants. 

“Understanding how vehicles might be used and by whom, is fundamental purpose of any demonstration.  

“Due to the specification of the Ami, if we were to implement the Ami, we expect short to medium distance journeys, using the single seat model with small load carrying capacity.” 

We asked BCP Council if they paid to use the Ami for the week we did not get a response. 


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