DeSantis says state will govern similar to Florida if Tim Michels wins

GREEN BAY – Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis drew hundreds to a hotel ballroom in Green Bay just an hour before the Packers’ home opener against the Chicago Bears, predicting Wisconsin would turn into Sunshine State of the north if Tim Michels is elected governor in November. 

That idea, much like its architect, is polarizing — receiving a standing ovation from conservatives who gathered Sunday to see the potential 2024 presidential candidate, while Wisconsin Democrats blasted the approach as “radical and dangerous.” 

“With Tim Michels as governor, you’re going to be able to do everything Florida has done and more on the issue of election integrity,” DeSantis said to loud cheers at an event hosted by the conservative Turning Point Action. 

Michels focused on the 2020 election during the Republican primary race but has turned his campaign to issues of crime and schools in the general election against Gov. Tony Evers. On Sunday, he reiterated his intention to sign legislation vetoed by Evers that would tighten voting rules and in some cases add new restrictions. 


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