Jacob Rees-Mogg hires psychologists to support victims of the Post Office scandal

They state: “Giving evidence can be stressful for witnesses generally and this may be most keenly felt by those who are already anxious, nervous or experiencing mental health issues. 

“While seeking evidence from relevant witnesses, the inquiry is keen that such participation should not intensify or create psychological distress.”

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (Beis) will spend more than £100,000 on providing the team of psychologists for the inquiry, the filings show. 

While Beis is providing funding for the team of psychologists, the provider is being chosen by the inquiry.   

The Post Office scandal has been described as the biggest miscarriage of justice in British legal history. 

Despite increasingly shrill warnings from inside and outside the government-owned company, the Post Office insisted that its prosecutions were legally sound until halting them in 2015.

A report by Sir Wyn last month revealed that Tony Blair was warned by officials in 1998 that Horizon was “increasingly flawed”.

In 2019, a High Court judge partly highlighted how much managers knew about doubts over Horizon’s accuracy.

The Post Office agreed to pay £58m to 550 sub-postmasters who said it wrongly prosecuted for theft and false accounting to settle the case. 

Hundreds of wrongful criminal convictions are now being overturned by the Court of Appeal and the sub-postmasters’ fight for compensation continues. 

The psychological service will only aid victims during the inquiry and is not intended to provide long term support to witnesses.

Beis was contacted for comment. 


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