McDonald’s fight in Ashford goes viral as three men get floored during high street attack

A shocking video of a brawl outside McDonald’s – where three men are knocked to the ground – has gone viral.

The fight, viewed more than two million times within hours, sees an elderly-looking man take on a number of others outside an Ashford branch of the fast food giant.

After punching two opponents to the pavement outside the entrance he then whips his shirt off and floors one of them again.

Onlookers can be heard cheering and shouting, with some eventually attempting to break up the brawl.

The violent episode is thought to have kicked off at about 6pm on Friday.

The shirtless grey-haired man, who knocks one of the fighters down multiple times, ends up on the floor after a fourth person enters the fray.

A number of people ended up getting involved in the fight

He is then kicked while on the ground before getting back to his feet.

Police have been sent the viral video and contacted for comment.

The footage – posted by an unknown person on social media – has been viewed almost two million times on Facebook, and has hundreds of thousands views on Twitter and Reddit.

Ashford’s lower high street is no stranger to incidents, with a number of assaults reported in recent months.

The brawl started outside the town centre's McDonald's
The brawl started outside the town centre’s McDonald’s
Ashford's lower high street
Ashford’s lower high street

In June, a woman was attacked outside Sports Direct – just a few doors down from McDonald’s. In July, a pensioner was pushed in the back and robbed of his phone near the junction with North Street.


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