Pinned to the wall, mooed at like a cow — my hell at Goldman Sachs | Times2

The man slammed Jamie Fiore Higgins against the wall, pinning her with his hand “wrapped around my jaw”.

“Who the . . . do you think you are?” he screamed into her face, splattering it with spittle. “If I could, I’d rip your f***ing face off.”

Her toes only just brushed the floor as he held her suspended, his reddening features pressed against hers, looking murderous. Higgins thought she may lose consciousness if he kept a lock on her throat much longer.

This wasn’t an assault on the street. This was way up high in the elite New York offices of Goldman Sachs, one of the world’s largest and most prestigious investment banks, where Higgins worked her way up the hierarchy for nearly her whole


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