Slowly, painfully, the fate of disappeared Ukrainians emerges | World

Aliona Cygankova knows her father was alive two days after the Russians took him away from his house in the forest.

A young man from the same neighbourhood who had been arrested was led to a clearing, where he saw five men lying face down on the earth, with bags over their heads.

“Which of these men do you recognise?” the Russians asked him, lifting the five men’s heads and pulling the bags away one by one. Ihor Aldokhin, Cygankova’s father, was one of them.

Ihor Aldokhin, 53, is believed to be a prisoner of war

That was on April 15. “This was the only time anyone has seen him,” she said as she recounted what she had managed to piece together of her father’s fate in a café in Kharkiv. She is sure he and


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