Three German bikers killed in high-speed game of ‘chicken’ | World

Three German motorbike enthusiasts were killed when the two bikes they were riding collided in what police believe was a game of “chicken”, where they speed towards each other before seeing who would swerve away at the last second.

The accident happened on Saturday during a meeting of 50 bikers from around Germany organised by the Knieschleifer (Kneesliders) motorcycle club at a former Nazi airfield near Wittstock in Brandenburg, northwest of Berlin.

Bikers were performing wheelies and posing for photos with their machines when two bikes peeled off and headed to the concrete runway.

A 46-year-old motorcyclist from Wittstock was riding alone. The other bike had two riders aged 47 and 36, with the latter riding pillion, possibly to film the event.

Bikers said no


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