United Airlines flight to Sao Paulo makes emergency landing after sparks erupt from plane

A United Airlines jet was forced to make an emergency landing when a shower of sparks erupted from it and debris fell to the ground moments after taking off.

The major American airline’s flight UAL149 was bound for Sao Paulo International Airport when on its climb out, the incident occurred.

It continued its climb before entering a holding pattern over the Atlantic Ocean, dumping fuel over the ocean to reduce weight, before it headed back to Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) where it made a safe landing.

Footage of the terrifying incident was captured on video and shared to Twitter.

It showed sparks flying from the aircraft reportedly due to a problem with its hydraulics.

Federal Aviation Administration has launched an investigation to confirm cause of the malfunction.

In a statement, United Airlines explained its aircraft, that was carrying 256 passengers, experienced a mechanical issue shortly after takeoff, and had remained in the air to burn fuel before landing safely.

“Passengers deplaned at the gate and a new aircraft is scheduled to depart this morning,” it said on Thursday.

The FFA said: “United Airlines Flight 149, a Boeing 777-200, landed safely at Newark Liberty International Airport shortly before 1am local time today after the crew reported an emergency.”

United Airlines sparks
A United Airlines flight to Sao Palo was forced to make an emergency landing after the plane began emitting sparks.

United Airlines sparks
The sparks were reportedly caused by a hyrdraulics issue.

United Airlines sparks
The FAA is investigating what caused the incident.

“The flight departed Newark and was headed to Sao Paulo, Brazil before it returned.

“The FAA will investigate.”

It comes after an American Airlines plane en route to London was diverted to Bermuda in August after the flight crew detected the smell of smoke.

A week later, another American 777-300 also headed to London was diverted when the crew noticed fumes in the cabin.

It made a precautionary landing in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


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