Walmart customers slam new feature requiring photos in your underwear for tight-fitting clothing to ‘Be Your Own Model’

WALMART has launched a new feature that requires shoppers to strip down to their underwear, leaving some customers weirded out.

On Thursday, Walmart announced their new AI technology, allowing you to “Be Your Own Model,” as the feature is called.


Walmart’s new virtual try-on feature called “Be Your Own Model” has customers dividedCredit: Walmart
Some are freaked out that you have to strip down to your underwear to use the feature


Some are freaked out that you have to strip down to your underwear to use the featureCredit: Getty

The feature allows customers to try on clothes virtually on the Walmart app using an image of themselves in their underwear or tight-fitting clothing.

User opinions were split when the news of this new feature came on Reddit.

While some thought it was a perfectly good idea, others questioned whether the try-on image would be an “invasion of privacy.”

“I think that’s when they should’ve realized this wasn’t a good feature,” one user wrote. “Fundamentally, it’s bad because you can’t make it work without an invasion of privacy.”

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“What happens if Wal-mart’s servers get hacked and this data gets leaked?”

Another user said: “How do they stop children from using this feature? Especially if the photos are saved.

“This just seems like a bad idea to me.”

One user worried that the images might hypothetically generate ads for weight loss such as “weight loss pills, MLM health shake type drinks, etc” calling it a “dystopian, body-mapping nightmare.”

However, one user who was a part of the feature’s trial vouched for the app’s new try-on option.

“I think I was actually a part of user testing for this. I wore leggings and a tank sports bra, it worked really well. Didn’t feel like I was exposed or anything,” they said.

If you aren’t comfortable taking a picture of yourself, Walmart also offers the option to “Choose My Model,” which was introduced back in March.

With this feature, you can choose from 50 models between 5-foot-2 and 6-foot-0 in height and sizes ranging from XS to XXXL.

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Once you pick a model that most closely resembles your unique body type, you can pick which clothes you want to dress them with to find the perfect wardrobe.

The U.S. Sun reached out to Walmart for a comment, but the company did not respond by the time of publication.


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