‘Who is this?’ Australian TV fails to recognise Liz Truss

As she stepped out of the black Range Rover, Ms Grimshaw turned to her co-host and asked: “Who is this?” Mr Overton replied: “Hard to identify, maybe minor royals.” He then trailed off, saying: “I can’t identify them.”

The awkward exchange continued as the Prime Minister made her way up the steps and into the abbey for the funeral service.

Ms Grimshaw apologetically told viewers in Australia that “we can’t spot everyone, unfortunately”.

“They look like they could well be local dignitaries. It’s hard to see, we’re looking at the backs of their heads mostly,” she added.

Mr Overton cut back in to say that “we are now getting to the pointy end” of the arrivals, before a producer whispered frantically in his ear.

Rescuing the situation, he then added: “I’m just told that was Liz Truss, the new Prime Minister, that we could see in the distance.”


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